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Cocktails@Home - NP Associates

Welcome to Cocktails@Home!

Cocktails@Home Splash Screen

Welcome to the Cocktails@Home website, for the iPhone app that lets you make cocktails based on what you have at home!

In addition, you can search for cocktails by name, bookmark your favorite recipes and watch videos of famous and not-so-famous bartenders waxing philosophically about their favorite drinks. Links to wiki pages let you see the history of a cocktail without leaving the application. Surprise videos lie hidden amongst the recipes.

Here are a few basic things that should help you get started:

  • The first screen that comes up shows alcoholic beverages and mixers that you would like to include in drinks. For a start, check off all beverages you might be interested in. In the future, go back to this page and check off all beverages you have @ Home—in your liquor cabinet. Click Next.
  • On the next screen, you should pick the specific @ Home beverages you’d like to find recipes for. Check off at least one @ Home beverage and any other ingredients you’d like to search by. Messages at the bottom of the screen will show you how many ingredients you’ve checked off and how many recipes match up. Click Next.
  • You will now see a list of all recipes that contain your checked ingredients. Listed first, in red, are recipes that contain all the ingredients you’ve checked and that you can make with what you have @ Home. Listed next, in light red, are those recipes for which you’ll have to go out and buy something to complete. Listed last, are partial matches. Click on a recipe to see how to make it, watch a video on it, or read a wiki article about it. Click on the + icon to bookmark a recipe.
  • Recipes are shown in either imperial (oz.) or metric (cl.) units based on your country. The @Home entry in the Settings app lets you override the default.
  • Recipes show which beverages you have @ Home and which you need to buy.
  • Use the navigation buttons on the top of the screen to move forwards and backwards through the various screens to revise your search.
  • On the Ingredients screen, click on the cocktail glass at the bottom to search by drink name, click on the book icon to see bookmarked recipes, or click on the TV screen to see an indexed list of all recipes that have links to videos.
  • Enjoy!

Disclaimers: You agree that alcoholic beverages are dangerous. Misused, they can cause injury or death to yourself and others. In addition, some people have greater sensitivity than others to mixed drinks and alcoholic beverages in general, and should be particularly careful. This application is intended for individuals, age 17 or over, who understand these risks.

The recipes in Cocktails@Home have been inspected and revised by a professional mixologist. Still, no guarantee can be made as to their accuracy or to any side effects these recipes may cause to individuals. Simply stated, you agree to you use this application at your own risk. We welcome comments and suggestions.

The Cocktails@Home team

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